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26 December 2007 @ 01:31
11 . Christmas  
Christmas involved a lot of sitting around and listening to my mother go on and on about Narcissa and how wonderful it was that she was married to a good family and that as soon as she has a child I'll no longer be the youngest in the family and I won't be nearly as spoiled as I am now. There was a bit more, but my attention was going in and out of focus. As if I have anything to worry about as far as Narcissa having a child. I can't imagine her as a mother. And nobody's counting on Bellatrix having any offspring either. She'd probably eat it.

I received your gift, here's yours. Happy Christmas -Regulus

A small box with unlimited capacity & won't open for anyone but the owner.
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Andromeda Tonksromantic_meda on 28th December 2007 05:36 (UTC)
You're already technically not the youngest member of the family. Though, it's true, she doesn't much get to come by and represent herself as such. Tonks though she may be named, Black blood undeniably flows through her veins.

And she certainly was darling for the Christmas so few of her relatives wanted to spend with her. She quite took after Narcissa:

(I wonder, do I win, then, at maternal ability amongst our generation? It's a pity, then, the family will have none of it! We're going to run out of heirs!)
Andromeda Tonksromantic_meda on 28th December 2007 05:37 (UTC)
((Holy crap, I did NOT realize that picture was so huge. Lol . . . That's horrifying! Though also kind of hilarious, considering . . . ))
Regulus A. Blackbetterthanyou on 28th December 2007 05:46 (UTC)
[[lol, it is pretty damn funny]]
Regulus A. Blackbetterthanyou on 28th December 2007 05:45 (UTC)
Why are you bothering me with pictures of your freakish child?
Andromeda Tonksromantic_meda on 28th December 2007 06:21 (UTC)
I would think you would be proud. She does share about half your genes and all.
Regulus A. Blackbetterthanyou on 28th December 2007 06:51 (UTC)
Half? I would hope that it would be a tad bit less than half seeing as I am simply a cousin.
Andromeda Tonksromantic_meda on 30th December 2007 05:01 (UTC)
I never was one for maths. But doesn't the Black bloodline defy logic like that? I'm disappointed.
Regulus A. Blackbetterthanyou on 30th December 2007 06:54 (UTC)
It doesn't defy it enough to make me than much of a contributor to your filthy half-blood offspring.