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16 October 2007 @ 22:11
6 . Quidditch and matrimony?  
As I expected I've been made Slytherin seeker again. Practice has been going well, not that I need much. Homework has been tolerable as well. And, aside from Potter harassing me every chance he gets and a few bits of random weirdness from Rosier, things have been going well this term. Aside from that damn Quidditch captain nearly making me the reserve seeker. I just finished a letter home to my mother and father about the state of things. They've been keeping in touch more often than they ever have before and keep mentioning Narcissa's wedding. I suppose they expect me to get married during the summer holidays or something equally ridiculous. Sorry, but I'm still a bit too young for that sort of thing. Leave the marrying to Narcissa and Bellatrix. And that other one. Maybe even Sirius someday.

Current Mood: boredbored
comexhither on 17th October 2007 04:43 (UTC)
It was an experiment, Regulus~
Regulus A. Blackbetterthanyou on 17th October 2007 04:44 (UTC)
I'm not a guinea pig.