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18 September 2007 @ 23:35
4. Regulus is not amused.  
My ex-brother's friends are atrocious. Particularly that Potter, the bloody ponce. Although I did have the fortune of seeing him slapped across the face by that red haired Mudblood girl. I think she bruised him. It was one of those moments that made me glad that I loitered in the Great Hall for the amount of time that I did.

Quidditch try-outs are two weekends from now. The twenty-ninth, I believe. It should be easy enough. I haven't really heard about anyone else going out for Seeker this year. Besides that, I was one of the few decent players on the team last year. Quidditch will be nice... Something to do other than the nothing I've been doing. It's been a boring year thus far.

Current Mood: boredbored
Lily Evans: 011||headbandthefeistygryff on 19th September 2007 18:49 (UTC)
Well, you seemed to go through the trouble of remembering my hair color and bloodlines. So next time, just don't bother to remember at all.
Regulus A. Blackbetterthanyou on 19th September 2007 18:52 (UTC)
Well, nobody could miss hair like that and identifying you as a Mudblood was just an easier way for other people to know who I was referring to.
Lily Evans: 012|| grrrthefeistygryff on 19th September 2007 19:24 (UTC)
Actually, I don't know any other red head that would be slapping Potter across the face. So the Mudblood comment was entirely unnecessary. You should be luckly I don't hear you saying that in the corridors, I will take points from your house for that. I don't think Slughorn would have an objections.
Regulus A. Blackbetterthanyou on 19th September 2007 19:45 (UTC)
Temper, temper. You can't take points away just because you don't like or agree with my opinions. That's rather closed minded, wouldn't you say?
Lily Evans: 004|| brow raisedthefeistygryff on 19th September 2007 19:54 (UTC)
It's not that I don't agree with you opinions. It's that you are using a degrading, vulgar word to describe someone's bloodline. I am allowed to take points away for that, Regulus.
Regulus A. Blackbetterthanyou on 19th September 2007 19:59 (UTC)
Whatever, red haired girl. I didn't realize there were school rules policing my thoughts and words. I'll have to remember that next time.