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26 September 2007 @ 14:09
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Apparently one can't even go for a jog around here without being annoyed by other people. Mainly Potter, yet again. Perhaps he'll get less annoying once the Quidditch season starts... Although somehow I doubt it. It'll probably get worse. Especially since my ex-brother is trying out for the team as well. That's probably how they'll win all their games too. They'll annoy the other team into losing. Rosier, you better not suck this term. At Quidditch, I mean. I couldn't care less about anything else you may be sucking at.

Seems to have been some Muggle attack people are blathering on about. It's not as if it's anything new. Especially recently. Move on with your lives, people. The Dark Lord knows what he's doing.



Why do you find it so absolutely necessary to continue to degrade yourself and bring shame upon your family?

PS: Tell Potter he's wasting his breath on the red-haired mudblood girl. She doesn't seem to want much to do with him. He should try that Lupin fellow you two pal around with. He seems desperate, judging by the company he's keeping lately.